Wolf Wok Burner - Wolf Range with 4 Burners and a Wok

Wolf Wok Burner – Wolf Range with 4 Burners and a Wok

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Wolf’s Wok Cooktop is a specialized burner that harnesses Wolf’s legendary performance and applies it to the dynamic wok cooking tradition. Many people consider Asian-style wok cooking to be one of the healthiest ways to cook. It is a wonderful alternative to our typical frying pan with its concave design that distributes heat evenly. Wolf considered every detail in its design with high-to-low control of the plumed flame and cradling of the wok pan ring. Your stir fry’s will be masterfully executed as you learn to use new wok cooking techniques on your Wolf cooktop.


Wolf created the ability to deliver maximum heat via the upper tier burner, which gives you more rapid boils and hotter sears. There is no need for a double boiler anymore since the low flame on the lower tier burner does the job on its own and keeps your sauces warm without scorching or overcooking.


Cooking is safer because each burner has a sensor to detect if a flame has ever gone out while you are cooking. If the flame should happen to go out, the burner will automatically re-ignite, maintaining your cookiing temperature.

The quality is unparalled. Wolf products are designed to last. The components are subjected to extreme stress tests prior to going into the final design, and every major function is tested before shipping.

  • The wok burner handles a variety of wok cooking techniques with
    even precision, from searing highs of 35,000 Btu to lows of 3,500 Btu for simmering
  • The wok burner flame focuses heat in the center of the wok pan and creates graduated temperature zones along the sides–exactly as you want them for cooking.
  • The porcelain-coated cast-iron wok ring cradles a traditional round-bottom wok. What this does is offer extreme  maneuverability as you rotate the pan. It gives you the ability to angle the pan towards yourself when cooking.
  • The wok burner grate extends the uses of the wok burner allowing you to swap out cooking techniques with flat-bottom pans.
  • You can maintain control with dual-stacked burners that go from 20,000 Btu down to hint of flame.
  • You will be able to perfectly simmer or melt sauces, soups, and marinades with the lower tier of the dual-stacked burner.
  • Cleanup is very easy since the burner is sealed and seamless The drip zone
    around the wok burner chamber contains anything that may happen to spill.
  • You will be able to slide or move pots and pans easily across the continuous cast-iron grates as the dual-stacked, sealed burners reignite your flame automatically with its spark ignition system.
  • For your design, this option is beautiful as it matches your other Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove products with its signature heavy-gauge stainless steel and red infinite control knobs.

Make an appointment to discuss your options 516-746-3435.

Talk with our professional designers at Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly before you finalize your decision so you will know about all the different options for customizing your kitchen. You may want to pair the wok with a Wolf pro wall hood for optimal grease, smoke, and odor management. In addition, you can coordinate all of your appliances with Wolf stainless or black knobs.
Call us today, visit our showroom, and make your appointment via phone 516-746-3435 or email info@kitchendesigns.com.


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