Scandinavian Kitchen Design - Simple, Less-is-More Kitchen Designs

Scandinavian Kitchen Design – Simple, Less-is-More Kitchen Designs

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Scandinavian kitchen design has always been known for its Nordic simplicity and absence of fussiness—both in ornament and material. Scandinavian kitchens are sophisticated, light, and airy spaces that use muted tones and layered textures to create both style and functionality.

The design aesthetic is a restful, less-is-more look that is effortlessly captured in Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly’s new Scandinavian collection from Cabico. We are excited to add this collection to our offerings.

Nordic design Kitchen, Scandinavian

Soothing Color Palette

The cabinetry is quarter cut Scandinavian oak in a reconstituted wood veneer with linear grains that evoke Scandinavian design, and reflect the sustainability that grounds it.
A new moderate finish in the stain category is available in all standard wood species, allowing the raw beauty and natural characteristics of the wood shine through. This is achieved by refining the base of traditional lightly-shaded stains to reduce saturation and mute amber tones. The resulting color creates a soothing neutral palette.

Scandinavian Kitchens in Vision Nordic Ash Finish

Vision Nordic Ash is a reconstituted veneer material available in all standard wood species. It showcases the natural markings of wood, and is a tribute to the popular cathedral grain patterns. It’s chosen for the light hue and strong flame pattern seen often in Scandinavian design.

New Scandinavian Kitchen Cabinet Door Style

Esperanza (Spanish for hope) is a new door style with a faux channel handle that makes for clean handle-free cabinetry. Similarly, Fidare (Spanish for trust) is a modern slab design with a three-piece wood faux channel.
Visit Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly, Inc. to see these new trends in kitchen design. Make your appointment today, 516-746-3435 or contact us here.


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