Home Decor Trends That Are Cool for the Summer

Outdoor Living

If you’re not already gathering with family and friends, you probably will this summer. Time to invest in some fun and vibrant plates and glassware.

Rattan furniture and worn woods have taken the interior design world by storm. Rattan is made from palm stems and is normally associated with outdoor furniture and decor. However, designers have started to use the material inside their homes. Start incorporating rattan and worn woods into your home to be on trend for the summer.

Minimal is out and patterns are in. More is more when it comes to interior design. Mix and match patterns and solider colors. Add some character to a neutral space in your home. It can be as simple as investing in a colorful throw blanket. Or take it the next level with a fun abstract wallpaper and furniture!

Don’t stop with just summer accessories inside, take the decor outside to your backyard for the ultimate summer feel. Decorate the pool with bright and colorful floats. Hosting a barbecue? Add colorful glassware for the guests to enjoy their summer drinks.



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